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At APXD, our vision is to cultivate a thriving planet with a focus on environmental sustainability, achieved through entertaining, educational, and engaging gameplay that inspires real-world action.

We empower young gamers to become eco-champions through innovative edutainment, building a sustainable future one game at a time.

APXD FIGHTS pollution & lack of awareness with a fun game that saves billions

Pollution is a trillion-dollar problem, harming our health, economy, and planet. But what if we could fight it with a fun game? Our engaging eco-friendly game educates and empowers users to make a difference. This translates to a measurable reduction in pollution and lack of awareness, APXD saving billions annually.

APXD Goals

Contributing to the world economy

Knowledgeable players

Displacement or sequestration tonnes CO2 pa

Where Survival Meets Sustainability – Play, Build, Thrive

Embrace the challenge. Save the Planet. Earn rewards. Welcome to APXD!
APXD is a revolutionary play-to-earn game that sets you on a thrilling adventure in a stunning realistic 3D metaverse. Here, survival is not just about taming the wilderness, but also combating the real-life environmental threats affecting our planet.

Become a Sustainability Champion:

  • Think critically and act strategically to navigate a world ravaged by environmental issues.
  • Build a thriving eco-smart city, a beacon of sustainable living in this virtual world.
  • Collaborate with other players in this rich multiplayer environment to tackle environmental challenges together.

Play and Earn:

  • APXD’s engaging play-to-earn model rewards you for your in-game efforts.
  • The more you contribute to building a sustainable future in the game, the more you earn.

Join the Web3 Gaming Revolution:

APXD is at the forefront of Web3 gaming, using innovative blockchain technology to create a truly immersive and rewarding experience.

APXD is more than just a game; it’s a chance to make a real difference. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Limited Edition Applehead NFTs

The APXD edutainment ecosystem welcomes you to a new era of ownership with NFTs. These are unique, in-game characters that you, the community, can truly own.

Be the Boss

 You own your character, giving you the freedom to play your way.

Uniquely You

Every NFT is one-of-a-kind, boasting exclusive features.

Rarity Rewards

The rarer your NFT, the greater the in-game advantages you unlock.

Fueling the Fun

5% of royalties from NFTs directly support the growth of the APXD ecosystem.

Limited Edition

Only 5,000 CFTs are available in the first season, so don’t miss out!

Explore, Earn, Make a Difference: APXD - Free Open-World Game!

Explore, survive, and build a sustainable future in APXD, the free-to-play open-world game! Solve real-world environmental challenges, build a clean smart city, and earn $APXD tokens & NFTs while you play.

Develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills as you save Planet APXD!

Unleash Your Gaming Power and Earn Rewards

Imagine a world where your honed gaming skills translate into real rewards. That world exists! Here, you’ll not only gather resources, navigate unforgiving environments, and forge alliances for survival, but you’ll also be able to:

Dominate a Thriving Marketplace

Trade your hard-earned resources with other players through a bustling marketplace fueled by NFT technology. This means true ownership of your digital assets and the ability to turn your in-game success into something valuable.

Craft and Upgrade for Domination

Take your prowess to the next level by crafting and upgrading powerful equipment. As your skills sharpen, so too will your arsenal, giving you the edge you need to dominate the competition.

APXD Auto-sustainable economy

Buy $APXD tokens with zero fees!

Low 8% sell fee supports the game & charity.

More tokens = Less fees.

Limited supply (10 billion $APXD) keeps value high.

Building a Thriving Ecosystem Together

Secure and Empowering

Our focus on decentralization, transparency, and privacy fosters a secure and supportive environment.

Promoting Positive Change

We actively raise awareness about sustainable practices and well-being, encouraging behaviors that contribute to a healthy planet.

Environmental Responsibility

We’re committed to creating a positive impact through eco-friendly technology and a dedicated charity fund to support environmental well-being.

Shared Success

By working together, we can ensure a sustainable future that benefits both the planet and humanity.

Uncover the Whole APXD Story

Our journey began with Simba, our beloved cat. When he became inexplicably ill, we discovered the culprit: environmental toxins. Simba’s story ignited a passion in us to make a difference. We believe everyone deserves a healthy planet. That’s why we created APXD, an engaging game that educates and empowers users to fight for a sustainable future. Through APXD, we hope to prevent countless Simba stories and inspire real-world action for a healthier planet.

Industry leaders helping us push web3 gaming innovation

Henri Keskküla

Henri Keskküla

Co-founder / CTO

Richard Keskküla

Richard Keskküla

Co-founder / CSO

Simba The Cat

Simba The Cat

Eternal life & infinite abundance

Support crew

Kustaa Valtonen

Kustaa Valtonen

Entrepreneur | Business angel

Lars Ling

Lars Ling

Clean Technology

Peter Vesterbacka

Peter Vesterbacka

Entrepreneur | Business angel

Tauno Kont

Tauno Kont

System Architect

Kalle Köömnemägi

Kalle Köömnemägi

Business Strategy

Aivar Armulik

Aivar Armulik


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